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Wood Chipping Service Hobart

For customers who prefer to do their own tree pruning, lopping, and removal, you’ll need the best wood chipping service Hobart can provide you—Total Tree Management.

Wood or tree chipping service is one of the many services we have as a responsible and environmentally conscious tree service company. For every tree service project we do, the tree debris and by-products we collect are further broken down by a chipper machine. These become garden wood chips for sale or are converted into mulch to be sold for residential and commercial garden use. Repurposing the wood chips to quality mulch benefits our environment and your garden too. Mulch improves the health of your soil and supplies precious nutrients to it for your trees and foliage to grow healthy. It also reduces weed growth, thereby improving the natural beauty of your open space. That said, we also offer tree mulching service for customers looking for it. So when you need the best wood chipping service Hobart residents go to, look no further than Total Tree Management.

What we offer

We offer the expertise of each of our tree specialists whose collective experience exceeds more than our decades of providing excellent tree services to our customers in Hobarts and Southern Tasmania. This experience is further enriched by regular training and seminars to keep up with the changing times and the industry itself.

We’re proud to say that our tree arborists are all certified and licenced, and they’re all well-versed about the range of services Total Tree Management is offering, such as hedge trimming, tree climbing, tree reduction, tree felling, wood chipping, stump grinding, emergency tree work, insurance tree work, consultancy, and inspections, among others.

Why Choose Us

We provide friendly, professional wood chipping service and are fully qualified
and insured for your peace of mind.

Tree Lopping Service

More than two decades of providing professional tree services in Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

We Care About
the Details

We make sure that every project is performed down to the smallest detail, as agreed upon. And we do our own clean-ups.

Customer Satisfaction

Our 20+ years have left a smile of satisfaction on the faces of our customers. That’s a track record we will always be proud of.

Emergency Tree Work

For removal of any tree blocking your way or that endangers lives and property, keep us on your speed dial just in case. We provide after-hours assistance, and our emergency response team is always on call to attend to any emergency tree work.