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Emergency Tree Work

Emergency Tree Service Hobart

For emergency tree service Hobart residents can depend on, call Total Tree Management.  We provide emergency tree removal service to customers in Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

Our emergency tree work includes emergency tree removal for trees that block your way, or those which endanger life and property with the way they have grown and how their branches have enmeshed with power and other cable lines. Our after-hours hotline is manned by friendly staff who will readily dispatch our crew of tree experts to attend to your emergency. Expect quick action from us in clearing the blocked path. For trees that have enmeshed their branches in power and cable lines or are dangerously leaning towards an area that endangers life and property, our tree surgeons and licenced arborists will carefully untangle the branches and carefully and strategically cut the branches before doing the tree removal itself. Please keep our number on speed dial just in case you encounter a tree emergency. You can count on us to be there for you because we’re the emergency tree service Hobart and surrounds have relied on for more than 20 years now.

What we offer

We offer the expertise of each of our tree specialists whose collective experience exceeds more than our decades of providing excellent tree services to our customers in Hobarts and Southern Tasmania. This experience is further enriched by regular training and seminars to keep up with the changing times and the industry itself.

We’re proud to say that our tree arborists are all certified and licenced, and they’re all well-versed about the range of services Total Tree Management is offering, such as hedge trimming, tree climbing, tree reduction, tree felling, wood chipping, stump grinding, emergency tree work, insurance tree work, consultancy, and inspections, among others.

Why Choose Us

We provide quick and efficient emergency tree service and are fully qualified
and insured for your peace of mind.

Tree Lopping Service

More than two decades of providing professional tree services in Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

We Care About
the Details

We make sure that every project is performed down to the smallest detail, as agreed upon. And we do our own clean-ups.

Customer Satisfaction

Our 20+ years have left a smile of satisfaction on the faces of our customers. That’s a track record we will always be proud of.

Emergency Tree Work

For removal of any tree blocking your way or that endangers lives and property, keep us on your speed dial just in case. We provide after-hours assistance, and our emergency response team is always on call to attend to any emergency tree work.